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The game is GREAT. However, i noticed there is a turret you can't buy from the shop. Can it only be accesed after buying the crown?

Really well polished game and super fun! However, I wasn't sure why the building phase began when there were enemies still alive.

When all enemies of a wave have spawned, you have limited time before the build/buy time, so you have to kill em fast! thanks for playing!

Really fun game, but one my first run i played for a while and didnt find a single use for magic nails. Am i supposed to get much further to unlock another turret? The turret/building mechanics are far more fleshed out than the dodging/shooting ones.. is there any chance i can see the source for this, as i took a browse of your jam version and i think i could learn a bit, as well as help you to improve your projects.

Yeah, you need to unlock the new turrets. I uploaded the source code in the game page, you can check it out. You'll probably find some bad coding, but this is over 1 year old and I learnt a lot since then. What do you mean the turret mechanics are more fleshed out than the dodging/shooting? I think you mean that the game has too much emphasis on the turrets but there arent any shooting powerups. That's true but it was intended. If you could powerup yourself, making a nice turret combination wouldnt feel as powerful. 

It is under the Tower defense tag, that includes priorotisation on towers

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I absolutely LOVE this game!!!

Everything in there is so well put. The fast pace, the music, the graphics, the gameplay, the style, smooth controls. I seriously wanna see it moving forward!

Just please, pleeeeease add the option to play with mouse!

Some feedback:
1. A highscore counter or something would be nice!
2. description about each hat/body
3. The bear body is pretty weak
4. I don't see the point of fixing holes if enemies always break them again? What benefit does it bring to me by fixing the holes?

I agree it needs balance and some tweaking. I don't think I'll get back to it cause I'm working on newer, better, projects. Each game is gona be better thant he previous one. I'd rather do this than keep polishing the same game over and over again. I thought about the mouse controls but the mechanics would change since the mouse has 360 degrees while with the keys you were limited to 8 directions. I could've fixed it to just those 8 directions but it might have been kinda uncomfortable to play.

Thanks for the feedback! I didnt wana make a description of each hat so the player has to guess and experiment to discover what they do. The bear body is kinda weak, especially against the boss. I know. The thing is, if you dont fix any wholes, you'll have enemies coming in faster and from all directions. If you fix all the holes, say, in the right, you have a more controlled enemy stream.

Glad you liked the game! :)

The game crashed on the boss fight.