A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Game made in 2 days for Ludum Dare 39, with the theme "Running out of Power".  (Except most of the code was already done).

You have to reach the top of the tower to get the Infinity Charger, a device that grants infinite power.

Batter-e needs power to live, or else he explodes. The more power you have, the better attacks you'll make -and the longer you'll live!

Can you reach the Infinity Charger?


source_code (Game Maker:Studio project) 3 MB

Install instructions

Mute Music (recommended): [M]

Fullscreen: [Alt] + [Enter]

You can resize the window as you want


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How can you run this on macOS?

.exe files are for windows!

Great game dude! Has so much potential for more levels, power ups and much more! I played this for ages and really enjoyed it. The screen shake is a lil jarring and crazy but other than that the music, art and feel is awesome!

Hahah thanks!! I dont really think I'll work on it more... but who knows...  and well, the music was kinda loud and noisy, cause I didnt know what I was doing back then.... but it might help with the aggressive, machine feel of the game. Glad to hear you played it and liked it

couldnt run it so i went into source and disabled fullscreen. game is fun, the look ahead of the aiming was a bit much for me.

Source Code: start using macros. They just keep any value that will never change and are super clean. Same as globals but you know they are right there in the macro folder, and will never change. So if there was a: "default_aim_look_ahead" macro here, i could have changed that in the project easily. (+ you can still alter those values with things like: global.look_ahead = default_aim_look_ahead * 2 - for a sniper rifle or something, cause the default will never change..)

hey again :) I do use macros now for constant values, but I believe I used them back then too for things like grid_width, etc. But in the example you gave I wouldn't have used macros for that. if the aim_look_ahead variable was supposed to change or be able to change, I really wouldnt make it a macro, same way you dont use a macro for default_player_move_speed uknow, cause it's just used in one object. macros are practical for things that will be used in more than one object like the view size if its not ajustable, the grid size as i said... if you have a value that wont change but is just used by an object, you should just have it as an instance variable. Now in GM 2 there are variable declarations outside the create event, which make it easy to change these kinda values without searching inside code.


awesome, thanks