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The first finished game I uploaded on the internet! (initially on Newgrounds)

Made in 6 weeks. Released in November 2016.

EDIT (2022): Fixed a couple things.

Thank you for playing! :)

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, browser, html5, Short, Simple, simplistic, square, web


source_code (GameMaker:Studio project) 55 MB


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Nice game! I love the boss battle, is pretty challenging!

thanks bro :)


cool game, i failed on the boss level

Solid start, but the level design is pretty weak - although i like the option for multiple routes. I'm guessing you could do a lot better today

what do you mean weak? Even if it's my first game I think I did a good job with the level design. I made sure each level was slightly harder than the previous and I explored a wide range of design ideas and level structures, even with such limited and simple mechanics and doing. all levels are in an equally sized room and all blocks are the same size and in a grid. I agree that is simple, even cheap. But I think I did pretty much every thing I could do with that structure. I mean, you can say it's bad graphics, or bad game feel, or bad story, but I think the level design is OK. Anyways sorry if I sound butthurt, I'm not, I was just surprised. I'd appreciate if you could expand on what you think is bad of the level design.

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No worries. Well i think personally each level should bring something new, so some new kind of mechanic or challenge and a lot of the early levels just repeat the same concept. For example: in my game skullface, the level structure was: introduce a new mechanic in a simple way, next level do it with a bigger challenge, and the third level do that mechanic but with another mechanic also intertwined - it was inspired by Portals dev commentaries so theres new challenges every level and a new mechanic every 3 levels. I also group mechanic types into worlds (first is basic, 2nd mostly jetpacking, 3rd is more puzzle themed) to add more variety too.

Yeah that's a way to do it, adding mechanics. Many other games, though, rely on limited mechanics like the game stephen's sausage roll, for example, which is pretty long but has simple mechanics and doesnt introduce any new in the whole game. Yet it remains challenging. I was aiming for something more like that. I understand it can come across as boring or repetitive, though.

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